New Image Flat CeraPlus Skin Barrier - Tape

The CeraPlus skin barrier with Remois technology* is infused with ceramide. Ceramide is a natural component of human skin that helps to decrease transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin. It is designed to maintain adhesive properties and features a formulation designed to help protect the skin's natural moisture barrier and help maintain good peristomal skin health. Use the CeraPlus skin barrier with New Image pouches, including drainable, high output, closed, and urostomy options.

  • CeraPlus™ skin barrier, flat
  • Tape border
  • Cut-to-fit and pre-sized options
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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*CeraPlus Products contain the Remois Technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.

Add to Basket 112013 Green 44 mm Pre-sized,
22 mm
Box of 5
Add to Basket 112014 Green 44 mm Pre-sized,
25 mm
Box of 5
Add to Basket 112015 Green 44 mm Pre-sized,
29 mm
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Add to Basket 112016 Green 44 mm Pre-sized,
32 mm
Box of 5
Add to Basket 112017 Red 57 mm Pre-sized,
35 mm
Box of 5
Add to Basket 112018 Red 57 mm Pre-sized,
38 mm
Box of 5
Add to Basket 11202 Green 44 mm Cut-to-fit up to 32 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 11203 Red 57 mm Cut-to-fit up to 44 mm Box of 5
Add to Basket 11204 Blue 70 mm Cut-to-fit up to 57 mm Box of 5
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