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Urinary Continence Care

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Hollister Education has developed an online course in Urinary Continence Care that offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn more about this specialised area of care. There are a total of seven lessons that may be viewed in any order, with an assessment at the conclusion of each lesson.  Topics include:  anatomy & physiology, bladder dysfunction, urinary tract infections, continence assessment, bladder dysfunction investigations, bladder dysfunction treatment options, and bladder dysfunction management. Each lesson contains a glossary of terms and reference resources.


Lesson 1: Anatomy and Physiology

Continence Care Lesson 1

  • Recognise the main structural components of the urinary system and the associated functions 
  • Explain bladder structure and function 
  • Identify the neurological component necessary for voiding control

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Lesson 2: Bladder Dysfunction

Continence Care Lesson 2

  • Differentiate between different types of bladder dysfunction
  • Recognise symptoms of bladder dysfunction and the causes for those symptoms

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Lesson 3: Urinary Tract Infections

Continence Care Lesson 3

  • Explain what a urinary tract infection is and the potential cause(s)
  • Identify the symptoms of a urinary tract infection
  • Identify recommendations to treat and prevent urinary tract infections

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Lesson 4: Continence Assessment

Continence Care Lesson 4

  • Identify the four main elements of continence assessment
  • Differentiate between three types of continence diagnoses

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Lesson 5: Bladder Dysfunction Investigations

Continence Care Lesson 5

  • Differentiate between different assessments, tests, and tools that can be used to perform a complete diagnosis of bladder function

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Lesson 6: Bladder Dysfunction Treatment Options

Continence Care Lesson 6

  • Differentiate between various treatment options for bladder dysfunction

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Lesson 7: Bladder Dysfunction Management

Continence Care Lesson 7

  • Identify some of the products and devices available to help manage incontinence and safe bladder emptying

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